Web Development

If you're looking to simply establish an online presence, we can build you a professional, yet simple and informative 'brochure' type site. However, if you're looking to make your site a leading entity of your business, we will build you a complete website and add our marketing touch to help you bring in traffic and convert them to sales.


Does all that sound expensive?

Don't worry; we are known to be one of the lowest priced companies in Greece. Most of our clients come through word-of-mouth and others come based on our own Internet marketing campaigns. Because of that - we can offer our clients some of the lowest prices in the market. Go ahead and try to find someone cheaper - who can present the quality of work that we do.


Proper Web Development will give you the boost you need. Anything you could imagine, from an e-commerce website, to a personal blog, from an online magazine to an online travel agency application, we can do it for you.

We use PHP and Mysql and the latest technologies that are out there like CSS3, HTML 5, jquery mobile, AJax and Jquery powered UI and so on.

Lollypop :: Web Development

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